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Gold-medal winning formulation.

Our formulation team are some of the top in the world. We work directly with you through all stages from client ideation sessions to product development, market validation and packaging design.



We've got you covered.

From Cannabis Valley to the world.

Our regulations team will keep you informed of risks and opportunities throughout your entire journey with molecule. As provincial, federal, or international regulations evolve, so will our production and distribution models, in order to keep you and your products ahead of the curve.

The molecule campus is located in the heart of Cannabis Valley, a few hundred metres from the 401, and only 1 kilometre from the US border. The location is strategically placed to be equidistant from Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, 3 of the largest fully legal cannabis markets in the world. As international markets become legal, we will have the licenses and infrastructure to export your products directly from our facility through the Port of Montreal.

Our facility is custom built to fit your needs. Our goal is to virtually eliminate your capital expenditures, so you can focus on branding, marketing, sales, operations and overall growth (what we refer to as "the heavy lifting"). You build your loyal following and a beloved brand and we will do the rest, 24/7.

You lift. We dig.

Leverage our buying power in the cannabis industry, to compete with large beverage producers. Our facility is designed specifically for safe, compliant, traceable, efficient, scalable and reliable custom cannabinoid beverage infusion.

Technology and expertise.

Molecule is an on-ramp to the Canadian cannabis beverages market. We help craft beverage partners formulate high-quality, award winning products, which are packaged and infused at our cannabis production campus located in Eastern Ontario's 1000 Island region.


Molecule is traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) as "MLCL".


Take a peek at our Licensed Cannabis Beverage Facility

Meet The Team

Molecule is led by a team of best-in-class industry professionals.