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Molecule Holdings Inc., March 10 2021

Molecule Receives Shipment of Aluminum Cans and Ramps up Production for Anticipated Shipments to Ontario Cannabis Store

March 9 2021 – TheNewswire - Ottawa,  Ontario – Molecule Holdings Inc. (CSE:MLCL)  (CNSX:MLCL.CN) (“Molecule” or the “Company”), a Canadian craft-focused cannabis beverage production company, is pleased to announce that it has received a full shipment of 355 ml. sleek aluminum cans. This shipment will allow Molecule to scale production, enabling the company to fulfill its opening list of orders expected from the Ontario Cannabis Store (“OCS”) later this week.

 “Aluminum cans are the top choice for consumers looking for ready-to-drink adult beverages. Soaring consumer demand, coupled with global supply-chain issues have created a perfect storm for supply issues. We are very pleased that this full shipment along with a confirmation on further shipments coming later this month is a significant milestone, and guarantees no barrier to production for the critical summer months ahead. We are moving forward to scale our production to meet anticipated demand for our unique line of craft cannabis beverages. We expect confirmation for end of March deliveries later this week from OCS,” said President and CEO Phil Waddington.

 Molecule is a licensed cannabis beverage manufacturing company, with a 200,000 sq. ft. Health Canada licensed facility in the 1000 Islands region of Ontario. Molecule produces its own beverages, as well as beverages for brand partners.




Per: “Philip Waddington”

President, CEO and Director

Written by

Molecule Holdings Inc.

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